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Life has changed. We know that, and that is why we have adapted to provide the leading virtual event platform in the online industry. Our online virtual event platform is ideal for those holding conferences with delegates from around the world. Different from things like Zoom, we provide the tangible conference and trade show experience with individual, virtual tables. It is as close to the real thing as we can get. We have a stage where we can bring people up on to. We provide your guests flexibility to move from table to table seamlessly. Like an in-person event, we have staff on site ready to help your guests navigate and provide technical support. We can assign seats for your guests and even make them VIPs in our virtual, online conference platform. You can add advertising banners to make sure your brand is as visible as possible.

We can offer multiple floors at your event, just like a real conference centre. We can provide you with custom floor plans, record presentations, a fully functional help desk with chat features. We know times are different but that doesn't mean you can't give your clients a killer experience. For more information, please email us at